375344_10150913063295175_1059150161_aWe are friends and philosophers. We consider that philosophy is not merely an academic exercise, but is above all an instrument for progressive critical and rational reconstruction of everyday living. In a world in which our daily lives are frequently far removed from an intelligent examination of ourselves and of the fruits of our human activity, we believe that  philosophy must return to being the pursuit of sophia, a wisdom that does not separate itself from genuine human problems, as frequently happens with the greater part of contemporary philosophy.

We try to defend—as Hilary Putnam said—”the idea that the theoretical and practical aspects of philosophy depend on each other. Dewey wrote in The Need of a Recovery of Philosophy (p. 68) that ‘Philosophy recovers itself when it ceases to be a device for dealing with the problems of philosophers and becomes a method, cultivated by philosophers, for dealing with the problems of men.’ I think that the problems of philosophers and the problems of men and women are connected, and that it is part of the task of a responsible philosophy to bring out the connection”.

Cover photo courtesy of Simon Cocks, used under a Creative Commons license. The book/page featured in the banner image is Monastic and Religious Orders in Britain 1000-1300, Janet Burton (ed.), Cambridge University Press, 1994, p. 137.

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